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Teeth whitening (In-Office) is a procedure where our dentists restore the natural shade of the teeth which have been discolored or where the natural shade of the teeth have to be whitened beyond their natural shades which are not as white as the patients want them to be. This process is a single visit process where our dentists use a special tooth whitening kit with a Special Ultraviolet Light kit to whiten the teeth. The process takes about one hour and is done in two to three 20 minutes segments depending on the shade to be achieved.

Commonly Asked Questions

  1. Is the treatment painful?
    In-Office Dental Whitening uses a mix of concentrations of bleaching agents due to which sensitivity on the teeth is normally to be expected during and after the treatment. Although the teeth are isolated, there are chances the whitening gel may touch the gums and cause irritation on them. Not only is the patient given guidance but our dentists also prescribe anti-sensitivity toothpastes and vitamin e gels for the patients to use after the treatment is done.
  2. Will my teeth stay white forever?
    if not taken good care of, and if at-home whitening kits are not used, chances of relapse increase. However, even after complete care, the shade of the teeth begins to slowly revert back after 9 months to One year.
  3. Can the process be done on my first visit to the dentist?
    indeed it can be if you require no filling or cleaning! If you do, then the procedures are done first and then you are given an appointment after 3 to 4 days.
  4. I have a special occasion in a day or two, should I go for Teeth Whitening?
    our dentists usually recommend a minimum of a week before any special occasion where you can enjoy your smile and not worry about the sensitivity.

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