Root Canal treatment

Root Canal Treatment (R.C.T) is a procedure where a dentist cleans and completely fills the space which was once the tooth’s area consisting of nerves (from the chamber within the tooth to the canals within the roots). Once the infection is removed and the canals in the roots are cleaned and filled, the tooth becomes painless and does not show any signs and symptoms to sensitivity.

Caries stages

When tooth decay starts, it moves from the Enamel (Outer Surface of Tooth) through the Dentine (Soft Spongy Middle Layer) and into the Pulp Chamber (Inner Part containing Blood Vessels and Nerves). Once the decay has reached the pulp chamber, the tooth must be treated With Root Canal Treatment Procedure.

endo microscope pic

The Decay is removed and the pulp chamber is opened to reveal the openings of the canals.


The pulp contents are removed using special Root Canal Files and the the canals are washed and dried.


The roots  are then filled with Gutta Percha or G.P Points and the canals are sealed. Finally, the Prepared Cavity is Filled and the tooth is Crowned if necessary.