Meet Our Doctors


Care N Cure Dental Clinic is providing you with services from our Highly Skilled Doctors. Meet our Dentists (Dr.Usman) and (Dr. Arshman)!

[m_team style=”yesocial” pname=”Dr. Mohammad Usman Farooqui” position=”General Dental Practitioner (B.D.S, R.D.S, C-Implants)” photo=”2197″ linkedin_account=”#” google_account=”#” face_account=”#” twitter_account=”#”]Dr. Mohammad Usman Farooqui Completed his High School from Rahima Academy(American Consulate Schools), Saudi Arabia.[/m_team]

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[m_team style=”yesocial” pname=”Dr. Malik Arshman Khan” position=”General Dental Practitioner” photo=”2187″ linkedin_account=”#” google_account=”#” face_account=”#” twitter_account=”#”]Dr.Malik Arshman Khan completed his schooling from Beaconhouse School System. He then graduated from Margalla College of Dentistry, Rawalpindi achieving his degree from University of Health Sciences, Lahore.[/m_team]

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