Welcome To Care N Cure

Care N Cure Dental Clinic has been a very successful clinic that has been operating since 2013 (4 years). We have had the pleasure of giving a great healthcare service to amazing patients who are very loyal to us. Over the time of these past years, we have also had amazing doctors and staff members joining us in our efforts to reach excellence. Now, we are looking further to diversify our services.

Why Should You Join Care N Cure

Care N Cure Clinic believes in giving many gifted Doctors, the opportunity to expand their services beyond just their daily jobs. We prefer to be the friendly platform where you can have your loyal patients follow you. With a huge waiting lounge and excess space, there is plenty of space for anyone to setup their private clinic. Every Practitioner knows the true value of running a private practice and what better platform than one that has already been set for quite some time.

How Can You Benefit In Joining Care N Cure

Care N Cure Clinic has always been opened to new and innovative ideas, as well as, feedback from its beloved patients and doctors. We have always been doing our best in making everyone feel comfortable during their stay in our clinic. here are a few benefits we think you might be able to take to your advantage if you are planning to open your own practice.

  • You will be joining a “Running Clinic”.
  • You will be joining a practice in a well developed sector of Islamabad
  • Your clinic will be located at the main service road to almost 3 different sectors.
  • Your clinic will not only have your following patients, but also due to synergistic practice other patients from your fellow co-practitioners shall also be introduced to you.
  • You and your patients will not be worried about Parking space as well as waiting space as we have plenty of both.
  • You will not have to worry about setting up your own phone line as you can,like your co-practitioners, share the same clinic phone line.
  • Our Clinic does not provide cubicles or small rooms for doctors, but we make sure there is enough space for future expansion of your practice.
  • Your rooms are all attached with their own Washrooms and Wardrobe Space.
  • Your Electricity Bills will not be as much as you would get if you open your clinic separately.
  • You can have your patient database on our online servers and keep up with the technological advances administratively.
  • Our Clinic Rent is far below the normal rates as compared to what you get in such developed sectors.

How to Join Us

  1. Give us a call and come and take a tour of the clinic with us.
  2. Bring a copy of your CNIC as well as P.M.D.C Registration Certificates and Degrees.
  3. First Come First Served.
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