A Quick Guide To Braces


Dental Braces are appliances that function together to straighten any rotation, crowding, spacing, and other anomalies with the teeth in their respective arches. These appliances tend to move teeth within the bone to align them in a straight arch. The ideal age for fixed orthodontics is around the age of 10 to 12 years old however, they can be give an at any age. The time duration depends upon the severity of the conditions and may last from a minimum of 6 months to upto 2 years.

Types of Braces:
  1. Fixed Orthodontics:
    a. Metal Braces
    b. Ceramic Braces
  2.  Removable Orthodontics
    a. Removable Retainers
    b. Clearpath / Invisalign

Commonly Asked Questions

  • Are braces painful?

Absolutely not! Braces when placed only cause slight discomfort and pressure in the mouth. Sometimes, initially, patients are given wax strips to place on areas where the patients feel that the brackets are impinging on the gums.

  1. How do I clean my teeth after braces?
    after the braces are placed, our dentists recommend great oral hygiene. They prescribe a special orthodontic toothbrush with toothpastes and mouthwashes for use. They also guide the patients on how to use the brush.
  2. I have heard that I need to get some teeth extracted for braces, is that true?
    in cases where there is severe crowding and there is no space for the front teeth to move to, premolar teeth are the ones to be extracted to gain some space. The space will then be occupied by other teeth and no one but dentists would be able to tell if the premolars had been extracted.
  3. I want to go for Invisible Braces, is it possible?
    invisible braces are indeed advised for patients who have mild to moderate orthodontic conditions. If the conditions are too severe then these are not the ideal choice. It is therefore highly advised that you discuss with our dentists before the treatment so they may guide you better.

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