Oral Surgery

Oral Surgery is part of Dentistry that deals with Tooth Extraction whether Simple or Complicated. It also deals with several other local issues in the oral cavity related to Gums and Bone. Most procedures are done under Local Anesthetics and can be performed at a clinic.


Simple Extractions:

These extractions, as the name suggests, are simple and easy to extract using Dental Forceps and Elevators. Once the teeth are extracted, a special blister pack is placed into the tooth socket and another pressure pack is placed onto the extraction site which the patient presses by biting hard on it. A proper Guideline is given by the dentist and the patient is medicated.

Wisdom Tooth Extractions:

Wisdom teeth are also called “3rd Molars”. Sometimes they erupt perfectly in place and there is no need for extraction but sometimes they are tilted, or stuck in bone, causing problem to the gums and teeth. Wisdom Teeth are carefully extracted and if required, some part of bone surrounding them might be removed in order for them to loosen out for extraction.

Bone Grafting/Augmentation:

Sometimes there is a need for Patients to have some good amount of bone in an area where a tooth has been missing for a long time. The bone level is too low or too less for any tooth replacement to take place, then Bone Grafting is done.


Other Dental Surgeries:

Many Other Dental Surgical Procedures are performed under local anesthetics such as:

  • Cyst Removal
  • Overgrowing Soft Tissue
  • Apicoectomy
  • Epulis Removal
  • Excess Bone Removal