Dental Implants

A Dental Implant is an artificial tooth that replaces any missing tooth. Due to its high success rates, many patients are now preferring dental implants over any other method of tooth replacement.

A Dental implant is surgically placed in your jaws under local anesthetic. It does not disturb any adjacent tooth and it gives you a feeling of actually having your own tooth back!

An Implant consists of three parts:

  1. Body (Base) – that “Osseointegrates” with the bone.
  2. Abutment – part of the implant that is placed into the Implant body.
  3. Crown – A prosthetic tooth that is cemented onto the abutment.

If you have more than one missing teeth and good bone health, two or more implants can be placed and can provide good support for the bridge.


If a patient requires a complete/full mouth denture and wants a good fit for the denture, Dental Implants can also be used to provide support to the denture. The denture will lock onto the implant “Abutments” and stay perfectly in place!